Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Increase restaurant sales by using SMS to build a list of your best customers and communicate with them on demand. 

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How To Get Started with Text Marketing 

If you own a restaurant and you aren’t using text marketing, you’re leaving free money on the table. People join your mobile rewards club to receive valuable offers. Because everyone reads messages, this solutions is amazingly effective. Here’s how to get started…

1.  Choose one of our service packages. Do you want to offer celebration marketing, VIP club, or both?


Celebration Club

– Send your existing customers birthday and anniversary offers on autopilot while also building your own customer database.

– As an add on we can also draw in new customers celebrating a birthday within the next 7 days or anniversaries within the next 30 days.

VIP Club

– Build a customer database and market to them on demand.

– Send offers and communicate with the customers that already know, like and trust you to increase customer retention.

Celebration and VIP Club

– Offer the celebration club as part of your overall VIP club program.


2. Reserve your keyword.

Get creative and be unique! We help you choose the best keyword for your customers to use to text into your VIP club.


3. Choose an irresistible offer to get customers lining up to join.

We help you craft the best offer that is guaranteed to build your list quickly over the first 60-90 days.


4. Train yourself and staff on how to promote the club in store.

You will be provided with guides and standard operating procedures to use to train your staff. You can also request a walkthrough with one of our marketing specialists.


5. Set up your promotional signage.

Make sure you are “VIP Ready” with promotional table tents and signage in-store. Don’t forget your digital signage, social media, and website. This is all included in our set up package.


6. Grow your list.

The focus over the first 60-90 days is to get at least 50-75% of your regulars on your list. This will set the foundation for your VIP club but your list will continue to grow over time.


7. Partner with us to continue to send out offers month after month on autopilot.

 Every month we will set up trackable offers to be sent out via email and text. You will be able to see your ROI from every offer as well as segment whether your customers redeemed the offer or not.

Marketing On-Demand

Now that you have a list you are free to market to your subscribers ongoing. Here are some examples of great ways you can keep customers engaged and coming back on a regular basis:

Entree Specials 

Slow night? Send out an impromptu entree special to draw customers in.

Wed only! Stop by for a $10 all you can eat shrimp dinner. [link to trackable coupon page]

Automated Birthday Specials

Birthday guests rarely dine alone and are more likely to spend more as they celebrate. Send your customers a birthday gift.

Happy birthday Tim! Stop in this week to celebrate with a friend and your meal is free:[link to trackable coupon page]

Mobile Coupons

Give them a reason to eat at your restaurant after a long day at work.

Long day at work? Don’t worry bout cooking come enjoy a $25 family platter [link to trackable coupon page]

Text to Win Contests

This is another good way to grow the list quickly. Promote an irresistible grand prize and draw new subscribers.

Win a free 3-course dinner for two. Text LOVE to [number].

Communicate with Staff

Put your staff on their own list and send them reminders for important meetings.

Hey team, don’t forget we have a staff meeting today at 3pm.

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Text DEMO to (207) 337-9016 to see it in action.

How to Establish a Profitable Customer VIP Program - Download our free eBook.

Profit Assessment Calculators - See how much money you're leaving on the table.

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Well, what do you think? Do you see how you could benefit from your own VIP club? They aren't just for the big dogs. You can get started with small investment.

Don't put off growing your restaurant. Take the next step and register for one of our plans today.

If you still have questions or aren't exactly sure how this would work for your specific need, please call us at 603-617-9207 or send us a message. We'll gladly walk you through the entire process and provide the best recommendations.


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