Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

Increase restaurant sales by using SMS to build a list of your best customers and communicate with them on demand. 

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The Benefits of Text Marketing

If you own a restaurant and you aren’t using text marketing, you’re leaving free money on the table. People join your mobile rewards club to receive valuable offers. Because everyone reads messages, this solutions is amazingly effective. Here’s are the benefits…

How Will SMS Grow Your Business?

We all can agree on these common truths:

  • People love to eat
  • People love a great deal
  • Everyone reads their text messages (90% read them within the first 5min)

When these three facts are mixed together, you get the most effective marketing strategy the cuts through all the noise and give the customers instant gratification.

Mobile VIP clubs are doing great things for our customers. Those that follow our guidance see:

  • Increase in foot traffic
  • Increase in coupon redemption
  • Increase in brand awareness
  • Better customer engagement

What do these benefits all have in common? They increase revenue!

Why Choose SMS

There are plenty of other strategies out there, what makes SMS so great for restaurants?

  • Everyone can receive text message
  • Over 90% of all texts are read within the first 5 minutes
  • The average American spends 2.5hrs on their phone each day
  • 70% of Americans actually say they would like to receive mobile offers from their favorite businesses
  • It’s cost-effective, texting is actually one of the cheapest forms of marketing

These benefits barely touch on all the great features our program provides. Along with the benefits of text you also receive:

  • SMS autoresponder capabilities
  • Email autoresponder capabilities (send more detailed updates to members)
  • Done-for-you coupon pages
  • Automated tracking of coupon redemptions and expirations dates
  • Campaign ROI reporting
  • Automated birthday and anniversary reminders
  • In-store marketing collateral for promotion
  • Amazing customer support


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