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Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

The food service industry is as competitive as it gets and restaurant owners must find effective ways to attract new customers, increase visitor frequency and customer spend. Increase restaurant sales by using SMS to reach customers where they are already – their phones! It’s no secret some of the largest brands have already adopted loyalty programs into their restaurants. So ask yourself, why haven’t you? Increase restaurant sales by using SMS to build a list of your best customers and communicate with them on demand. 

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How Text Marketing Works

If you own a restaurant and you aren’t using text marketing, you’re leaving free money on the table. People join your mobile rewards club to receive valuable offers. Because everyone reads messages, this solutions is amazingly effective. Here’s how it works…

The Keyword

It all begins when you choose your keyword. A keyword is a word or phrase that is unique to your business. When people want to join your reqards club, they simply text this unique keyword to a phone number.

For example, let’s say you own a pizza place in NY. You set up the keyword NYCPIZZA. Customers walk in, and see a huge poster above the register that reads “Become a mobile VIP and get one free appetizer! Text NYCPIZZA to 5553423454. This is how they join your list, or opt-in. Every opt-in means one new subscriber in your database.

The Auto Reply

After texting to join the list, customers receive an automated message back confirming their subscription. This message is called an auto reply. In this text, you will prompt them to complete a form to finalize and receive their offer. An auto-reply for NYCPIZZA might be:

Thanks for joining the NYC Pizza VIP text list! To claim your free appetizer fill out this form: [link to form]. txt STOP 2 end

We help you easily capture customer info along with their phone number such as their name, email, birthday and anniversary. You can even add custom fields such as “what is your favorite pizza”. Imagine getting a coupon on your birthday for your favorite pizza, talk about mind-reader marketing! Now lets give them what we promised:

Welcome to the NYC Pizza VIP Club! Here is the coupon for your free appetizer [link to trackable coupon page]

The Offer

Let’s say after a few weeks you have 250 subscribers, what’s next? Now that we have the customer’s data, we can now market to them on demand. As the list grows it becomes more powerful. We suggest sending irresistible offers 2-3 times a month.

The Special Sauce

With each text message, we also send automated emails. This helps ensure the customer follows through on their offer. Our system can also track expirations and send automated reminders as they near the date. If the customer misses their deadline we will know and can send them to follow up offers to try to get them back in the door.

By now a mobile rewards club should be sounding pretty awesome. If you need some more help understanding the concepts keep reading…

Example Scenario

John owns a local diner. It’s been in the family for 50+ years. He loves his restaurant. Unfortunately, business has been not so great lately. He pays the bills, but he wants more. He wants to go home everyday excited about his daily profits.

Every day thousands of customers walk by his doors. He just doesn’t know how to get through to them. He’s tried radio, he tries to be active on Facebook. He puts signs outside, but these old school methods just aren’t working.

Now, what if John texted his customers? Nowadays, people live on their phones. There just isn’t a better way to communicate with your customer base. That week he signs up for one of our plans and chooses the keyword VIP. 

We get John set up with table tents, and cards to hand out. We post on Facebook and have the wait staff invite the guests. Guests text VIP to the number and get a free appetizer. It’s a win-win for everybody.

His list grows and grows and in a couple of months, he has 60% of his customer base on the list, about 600 subscribers!

All John has to do now is tell us what offers he’d like to run and we push them out 2-3 times each month driving his sales to increase by 25%!

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